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“Queen Maker” Beth Tiger teaches women how to stop being princesses and start being queens

Author, speaker, educator, and empowerment coach Beth Tiger invites women to think about the queen archetype as the epitome of empowered femininity. No matter what trials and hardships you’ve endured in life so far, she explains, you can step out of the role of princess and start a new reign over the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Princess vs. Queen

Who is the princess? She is the daughter of the king. She relies on others to provide the life she wants. She often feels powerless to change her life.

Who is the queen? The queen is a powerful role model. She takes accountability for her own reality, and she works to create a better life for herself and others.

“There are so many women who are yearning for more meaning in their life,” says Beth. “They sense that something is missing, and they’re not quite sure how to proceed into their next chapter. I help women embrace their personal power, heal old wounds, and become the queen of their life. Nobody gets a pain-free pass, but regardless of what you’ve come through, you can create an amazing life for yourself.”

Life Well Lived

Through her Life Well Lived company, courses, and products, Beth offers a wide range of tools to help people determine and create what their best life looks like to them.

“There’s no one right path,” says Beth, “but it’s your responsibility to choose the path that’s right for you, get on it, and start living your best life!”

Life Well Lived tools include aromatherapy products, coaching and speaking services, cards and artwork, and workshops and retreats. Join Beth in exploring topics such as:

* A Royal Remembering™: A celebration of women’s royal birthright, coming together in community, exploring the divine feminine, and reclaiming/remembering your role as queen of your own life.
* BitchCraft™: Examine how certain words and attitudes about women’s sexuality can strip us of our power and make us question our worthiness. Take back your power and heal old wounds.
* Practical SoulCrafting™: Learn the art of embracing the divine in everyday living. Transform daily routines, your home, and your self-care in a way that nurtures your relationship to the divine — within and in the outside world.
* Flying Solo™: Session work based on the principles from Beth’s bestselling book, “Rising from the Ashes of Divorce.”
* Shop to Stop™: Join the movement to bring an end to modern slavery through conscious consumerism. This eye-opening, educational presentation is appropriate for teenagers through adults and focuses on the global epidemic that is human trafficking and child labor.
* Save the Mother, Save the Child™: Learn about the unknown ways women are exploited every day around the world and the very serious realities of female poverty. Come away with the knowledge that female education and empowerment has a ripple effect that can make incredible change in our world.

“It is my life’s work to remind women of their innate divinity, offer them tools to embrace their role as queen of their lives, and then move them into tangible action to make the world a better place through service,” Beth shares.

Durga Tree International

A portion of all Life Well Lived sales is donated to Durga Tree International, a nonprofit committed to creating a global community working together to eradicate modern slavery and empower survivors to thrive through education and job training. Beth co-founded this nonprofit to reduce the exploitation of people around the world. She currently serves as the group’s executive director.

Durga Tree International’s motto is “Let freedom reign.” Their four principles of action to achieve their mission are:

* IDENTIFY – Researching, identifying, and assessing the world’s most effective solutions to end modern slavery.
* COLLABORATE – Partnering with multiple organizations around the globe to maximize impact.
* ENGAGE – Working long term with individuals to find solutions that meet their unique goals.
* EMPOWER – Motivating a community of change agents by fostering personal responsibility and reducing demand for modern slavery.

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